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About Us

about usResidency Visas Ecuador

Residency Visas Ecuador is a group of advisors whom offer legal services to people who wish to reside or open a business in Ecuador either temporarily or permanently.

Recognizing that moving to a foreign country requires planning and making decisions about many different aspects; our team helps foreigners to plan their move to Ecuador in an efficient way, and in many cases, directly from their country of Origen. 

Our advice is personalized in agreement with the plans and needs of our clients, saving time and Money. Our main office is located in the city of Quito and we partner with attorneys in various cities in Ecuador including Cuenca, Cotacachi, Manta and Guayaquil.

What we do

We provide legal services to foreigners wanting to relocate to Ecuador; Advice focuses on migration and immigration. 

In a responsible and honest way, we guide and advice our clients on bank investments and real estate dealings in Ecuador. 

You do not need to be present in Ecuador; however, we normally recommend that you learn your options with as much anticipation as possible. 

We will guide you in the documents needed to obtain in your country of origen and how to have them legalized correctly in order to be used in Ecuador. 

As part of our complete service, we also can advise on importation issues, especially to those clients wanting to bring pets or import household items.

Where we go

In order to offer the best advice in an honest, efficient, and trustworthy way, our company will accompany you in each step of your move to Ecuador.


Our goals

  •  That your transition to moving to a country with a different legal and culture system will be the least risky for you and your investments.
  • Advise our clients from their country of Origen in a dependable way is our main objective.
  • Help you to determine and plan in advance where you will process your visa and assist with procedures.
  • Guide the investment process in Ecuador in a safe way to avoid any fraud or deceit.
  • Definitely to offer the best integrated legal services in the relocation of foreigners.


Sofia Altamirano


Sofía Altamirano Barriga, is the principal associate and founder of Residency Visas Ecuador. 

She graduated from the University of the Americas of Ecuador as an attorney and obtained her Real Estate Agent License through the National Federation of Real Estate Licenses of Ecuador (Cotopaxi). 

She has ample experience in Contract Rights and Migration, offering personalized legal advice and service to relocation of foreigners, investments as well as others.

Areas of Experience

  • Migration and Immigration Law.
  • Real Estate Law.
  • International Real Estate Insurance policies.
  • Corporate Law.