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Our Services

visas ecuador


Depending on your needs and wishes, your non-Immigrant or Immigrant Visa can be issued in:

  • Ecuador.
  • Any country of your choice which has the services of an Ecuadorian Consulate.

Non-Immigrant Visas

  • Visa 12 I – II: Visas granted for Diplomatic Missions and International Organisms.
  • Visa 12 V Student Visa.
  • Visa 12 VI Employment Visas.
  • Visa 12 VII Religious Missionary Volunteers.
  • Visa 12 VIII Cultural Exchange.
  • Visa 12 IX Extension for tourism – sports – business dealings.
  • Visa 12: X Tourism – Temporary Visitor.
  • Visa 12: XI MERCOSUR (Only applicable for nationalities which shape Mercosur states).

Immigrant Visas

  • Visa 9 – I Retiree – Foreign Pensioner.
  • Visa 9 – II Investments in policies, titles, or mortgages related to real estate.
  • Visa 9 – III Investor – Individual Business Owner.
  • Visa 9 – IV General Attorney, Labor Contractors, Religious persons, Foreign Press.
  • Visa 9 – V Professional.
  • Visa 9 – VI Family Visas (Dependentes (spouses, children, etc.) of Ecuadorians or any category of any of the previously mentioned Visas.

citizenship ecuador


We offer advice to procure Ecuadorian Citizenship.

Foreigners who have lived in Ecuador as a resident for three consecutive years from the date of their first Ecuadorian identification card being issued are able to apply for Ecuadorian citizenship.

You should take into account:

  • You must be able to defend yourself in the Spanish language.
  • You must have general knowledge of the history and geography of Ecuador.

invest ecuadorTrading in Real Estate

  • Legal advice in real estate tradings.
  • Investigation of legal situation of any real estate purchases one wishes to make.
  • Subscription in the Notary system of Ecuador of promissory notes/documents of sales (real estate in construction or when you do not have all the Money necessary for a real estate purchase) or finalizing purchases and sales.

Opening policies and accounts with financial institutions and banks in Ecuador

  • Advice on opening policies to obtain residency visas.
  • Opening policies to distinctly be used for investment.

customs ecuador


Advice for importing to Ecuador

  • Household belongings.
  • Work Tools.
  • Pets.

It is important to mention if you are planning to bring household belongings to Ecuador you should seriously consider hiring a Specialist in country.

The customs procedures in Ecuador requires that the person be contracted in Ecuador and they know the current laws and requirements as they are constantly changing.

other services

Real Estate Searches in Ecuador

  • Real Estate Searches: If you require assistance in a property search in Ecuador, we can advise you with real estate agents with a fixed fee.

Please be advised that in Ecuador the Property Seller in a real estate transaction is responsible to pay the sales commission. As a buyer, you should not pay any commission towards the sale of real estate; you are only responsible for the fixed fee previously agreed to with the real estate agent for the time taken in looking for the property.

  • Document Translation.
  • Power of Attorney Grantings.
  • Wills and Testaments.